Stake Capital combines quantitative techniques with asset management, investment banking experience and a sophisticated understanding of cryptocurrency to identify, capture and risk manage opportunities across multiple markets.

Hedge Fund Strategy

DeFi Strategies

DeFi Strategies. Designed to extract maximum value from protocols’ tokenomic models.

Smart-beta / thematics

Long-only strategies. Designed to outperform traditional benchmarks by tilting the composition.

Yield enhancement risk premia

Long-short strategies. Designed to provide a positive return profile (earned for bearing a specific risk) with a low correlation to traditional assets (ex: carry or yield enhancement solutions).

Tail Hedging

Tail Hedging is an effective way to limit losses in adverse markets. It enables investors to stick with their long-term positions through a bearish market. The Stake Capital approach favors cost-effective solutions that balance protection against dominant risks in a portfolio with long-run returns.


Yield and cross DEX Arbitrage Strategies. Designed to exploit market inefficiencies and price discrepancies among different instruments (Spot, Futures, Perpetuals, Options, etc)


Strategies developed by acting as an agnostic actor, checking liquidation levels, profiting from price discounts and maintaining price stability in the DeFi lending market

Market Making

We can provide market-making services for a protocol's native token across the top decentralized exchanges in the ecosystem (both Order Book and AMM), supporting price stability with tight liquidity, developing the best routing possible, with fluid order processing.

Tailor-made Options Investment Solutions

We can provide dedicated structured products tailored to each client’s risk appetite and investment objectives (e.g DNT, Twin Win, Daily Range Accrual, Strips of Digitals, Reverse Convertible, etc…)